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Colloquium 2005:
“Are our Western values in danger?”


Keynote speaker 1: Prof. Jean Baechler “Objectivité des valeurs et pluralisme culturel en Europe”,

Keynote speaker 2: Sir Menzies Campbell “Human Rights Are Indivisible”,

Keynote speaker 3: Prof. Bassam Tibi “Is Islam endangering European values?”


Working Group I: European Tolerance on the Test Bench (President: Dr. Phil. Katja Gentinetta),

Working Group II: The consequences of migration and European options (President: Roger Köppel),

Working Group III: Individualistic Ethics and Collective Needs of the Present (President: Prof. Dr. Ursula Pia Jauch),

Working Group IV: Fundamentalism and the Uncertain European Identity (President: Dr. Tim Guldimann),

Working Group V: Dialogue of Cultures today (President: Daniel de Roulet),

Working Group VI: America and Europe: a confrontation of values (President: Dr. Jené Stahelin)