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Civil society is called upon: The constant change and increasing complexity of the political and economic system are central challenges for society and the state. If civil society is not to be marginalised, it must actively address current social issues and discourses.

Civil society wants to intervene especially where it can contribute constructively to solutions alongside the state and the economy. To this end, it should articulate those values that promote the "civil" coexistence of society on the one hand and the political-economic system on the other. Society must be able to act in the sense of a dialectical corrective of political and economic structures.

The association wants to create and strengthen awareness of this area of tension.

Civil society is by no means limited to state borders. The integration of business and politics in Europe is progressing rapidly. The association would therefore like to participate in the genesis not only of the Swiss but also of a European civil society and help shape the cultural, political and social reality.



The association has set itself the goal of not only promoting a civil culture of conflict, but also propagating it as a basis for a peaceful solution to social challenges: Listening to what others say, being open to debate and having the courage to come up with unconventional ideas - this is the leitmotif the association would like to follow.

The focus is on the constant and constructive debate and exchange between the individual members of the association. Through regular contact, the members cultivate this cooperation and thus come closer to the desired solutions, which then have to be implemented in business, politics or society.


The association was founded on September 17, 1999 by Dr. Tito Tettamanti and Dr. Jörg N. Rappold sel. and is based on the following statutes:

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