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Who we are

The Civil Society Association was founded in 1996. It brings together important exponents from politics, business, science and culture to initiate a joint discourse within society. The association has set itself the goal of finding answers to everyday, politically independent questions and challenges.

The association wants to promote a civil culture of conflict and thus contribute to a peaceful resolution of social conflicts: listening to what others say, being open to debates and having the courage to come up with unconventional ideas - this is the guiding principle the association wants to follow.

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Ursula Fraefel
Senior Consultant and Board Member
Daniel Heller
Dr. Phil. historian; Partner Farner Consulting AG
board member
Konrad Hummler
Dr. iur.; Partner M 1 AG
Martin Janssen
Prof. em. Dr. oec. publ.; CEO Ecofin-Group
board member
Christian Kuoni
Chairman of the Board MARCK Holding AG
board member
Stefan Metzger
board member
Noémie Roten
Specialist for Economy & Society
board member
Michael Schoenenberger
board member
Zeno Staub
Dr. oec. HSG, Board Member, President AWG Kt. Zürich
board member
Karin Valenzano Rossi
Partner of the law firm Karin Valenzano Rossi, Lugano
board member
Tito Tettamanti
Dr.; founder and honorary president
honorary president

Advisory council

Bindschedler Georges, Dr.
Burckhardt Jacqueline, Dr. phil. I
Camartin Iso, Prof. Dr.
Famos Cla Reto, Prof. Dr.
Feusi Dominik
Fraefel Ursula *
Frei Christoph, Prof. Dr.
Gentinetta Katja, Dr.
Gross Thomas
Guggenbühl Allan, Prof. Dr.
Held Thomas, Dr.
Heller Daniel, Dr. *
Hoby Katharina
Homberger Ernst, Dr.
Hummler Konrad, Dr. *
Janssen Martin, Prof. Dr. *

Kuchelmeister Stefan
Kuoni Christian *
Leu Bobby
Mächler Marc
Marbacher Josef, Prof. Dr.
Metzger Stefan *
Model Daniel, Dr.
Rhinow René, Prof. Dr.
Roten Noémie *
Ruch Peter
Savioz Marcel R., Dr.
Scheu René, Dr.
Schmid Adrian
Schmid Andreas G.
Schneller Lena
Schoenenberger Michael *

Schwab Florian
Simoneschi Alessandro Maria
Somm Markus
Tettamanti Tito, Dr. **
Valenzano Rossi Karin *
Walser Rudolf, Dr.
Wanner Peter
Wenger Andreas, Prof. Dr.
Z'graggen Heidi, Dr.

* Board members
** Honorary member