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Colloquium 2001:
“Risk society – in search of security”


Keynote speaker 1: Prof. Khalid Durán “How dangerous is Islamism?”,

Keynote speaker 2: Prof. Dr. Hans Küng “Global Security and Global Ethic”,

Keynote speaker 3: Prof. Dr. Gottfried Schatz “The wonderful uncertainty of our genome and biological evolution”.


Working Group I Biological safety – how risky the world is (President: Dr. Françoise Bieri),

Working Group II: Social Security – New Paths (President: Dr. Beat Kappeler),

Working Group III: Money and Security (President: Dr. Konrad Hummler),

Working Group IV: Geopolitical Security (President: Prof. Kurt Spillmann),

Working Group V: Religion as Security (President: Käthi La Roche)