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Colloquium 1999:
“Switzerland – a Utopia?”


Keynote speaker 1: Walter Scheel “Switzerland – a role model for Europe”,

Keynote speaker 2: Thomas Hürlimann “How Aristophanes invented Switzerland”,

Keynote speaker 3: Jonathan Steinberg “Why Switzerland for the third time?

Keynote speaker 4: Yvette Jaggi “A l’ère des contre-utopies, la Suisse reste durable”,


Working Group I Values of the Small State – Origin, Change, Timeliness, Future (President: Regula Heusser-Markun),

Working Group II: Switzerland’s image in the world (President: Klaus Kinkel),

Working Group III: The World of Superpowers and Superstructures – The Place and Role of Switzerland (President: Marianne von Grünigen),

Working Group IV: Knowledge and know-how: the raw material of the future – Switzerland as a training and research location (President: Barbara Haering),

Working Group V: Switzerland of banks, insurance companies, finance, capital – its role in a global service society (Chairman: Alexis Lautenberg)